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Bachelor of Arts – Business


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
(2-subject Bachelor)


With the 2-subject Bachelor of Science in Management, the faculty pursues an application-oriented approach in research and teaching and teaches students to think in comprehensive economic contexts and to take these into account when making decisions. The focus here is on aspects of value-oriented corporate management, the sales orientation of business models and the founding of companies, among others. In terms of content, students benefit in particular from the expertise of the FACCT and SMD fields of competence, which are designed for business administration, as well as the CEIT, which is located at the interface between business administration and economics. The programme is based on the current state of international research and also includes interdisciplinary skills for conducting and presenting scientific analyses and personal development. A wide range of practical contacts and a high level of practical relevance in teaching provide optimal preparation for a quick career start. 

You study management (BWL) in combination with another subject.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Economics, specialisation BWL, deals with questions such as …

  • What products should companies produce and at what price should they sell them?
  • How do you organise the cooperation of thousands of employees in large companies?
  • What data do managers need to be able to quickly identify and solve problems?
  • If a company wants to build a new factory, where should the money come from? Selling shares on the stock exchange, bank loan, or…?
  • How can companies protect their products against product piracy?

This degree programme is unique because it allows for diverse combinations of management with other subjects.


Possible for the winter and summer semesters

  • Summer semester: 15 January
  • Winter semester: 15 July
  • Summer semester: 15 March
  • Winter semester: 15 September

There is a local NC


… is German and English

  • Great freedom in the choice of modules
  • More than 20 chairs
  • International Summer & Spring School
  • Semester abroad possible worldwide
  • Voluntary internship

… must be studied with a second subject

If you have general questions about this degree programme, please contact the Student Advisory Service:

Dipl.-Ök. Michèle Lorraine Teufel
Beauftragte für Studienangelegenheiten
Phone: 0234 3222687

Kim Docter, M.A.
Phone: 0234 3222762

E-Mail: wiwi-studium@rub.de
Room: GD 03/229

Here you will find the office hours of the Student Advisory Service; office hours are currently by appointment only (by phone or email).


Is a degree in economics the right one for me? – The RUB-Check Wiwito help you decide!



Those who would like to study this degree programme,

  • good analytical skills
  • basic knowledge of the English language
  • economic issues from accounting to business management
  • the mathematical and statistical basics of modern economics
  • as a tax consultant/management consultant/auditor
  • in companies
  • in corporate management
  • in business organisation

Bachelor of Arts - Management (2-subject bachelor)


Dipl.-Ök. Michèle Lorraine Teufel
Beauftragte für Studienangelegenheiten
Phone: 0234 3222687

Kim Docter, M.A.
Phone: 0234 3222762

Room: GD 03/229
E-Mail: wiwi-studium@rub.de