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Scholarships & Awards


Students with excellent performances and who are socially engaged can be annually backed via the Scholarship Fund of the Ruhr-Universität with 300 EUR per month. The scholarships are generously funded by companies, foundations, institutions and individuals where it is then doubled by the funds of the Federal Government.
This scholarship is intended to aid your living expenses. It should ideally enable you to focus on your studies and for example finance a stay abroad. The aim of the scholarship programme is to improve your study conditions.

Applications are made online, the following information is required:
• Personal details and details on your study programme
• grade point average of the last semester, if necessary, of the first academic degree; school grades
• Transcript of Records (PDF)
• Information on the social commitment
• Letter of motivation

Additional note: The commitment of many of the sponsors, especially companies is subject to a specific discipline or to a particular faculty. In addition to these faculty-related scholarships, as part of the German scholarship, the Ruhr-Universität provides a number of general scholarships that can be awarded to students of all disciplines. The faculties select the candidates for the faculty-related scholarships according to their previous academic performance (study focus and grades achieved). 

This and other information can be found on this page.

The application criteria of the Faculty of Economics are as follows: 

General and faculty-related scholarships: 
The fundamental criteria of the scholarship programme are to be applied: excellent academic achievements, outstanding social commitment; in addition to a first degree course a second degree study, complementary studies as well as a Master study programme are principally eligible. The maximum funding period is based on the standard period of study in the respective course. 
Preference will be given to students who have already completed the basic phase. The grade of the basic phase is among other things a criterion in the selection process of the students. 

Faculty-related scholarships: 
Additional scholarships are available for students who want to specialize in “Accounting, Finance and Taxation” in the Bachelor study programme “Management and Economics”.