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Welcome to the website of the Internship Office of the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

For all questions regarding (compulsory) internships, such as:

  • How do I find a suitable internship?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How do I get a certificate stating that it is a compulsory internship?
  • What deadlines must be met?
  • Who records my registration and confirms that I have completed my internship?

…you are in the right place.

Dr. Anna Talmann
Leiterin Kommunikation und Transfer



The guidelines for recognition can be found in the Examine regulations and in the Module Handbook.



By working in practice, you should gain an insight into the economic, technical and social realities of companies and other institutions that are active in the field of management and economics. In particular, you should acquire the deepest possible understanding of complex problems in practice and apply the theoretical knowledge imparted within the degree programme in practice. Therefore, only positions in which you perform activities relevant to your studies can be credited.

Submission of documents

Submission of documents

Please send your complete, signed documents (internship application form, proof of activity, internship contract, internship certificate, etc.) by e-mail from your Rub-E-Mail-Account to: wiwi-praktikum@ruhr-uni-bochum.de.



We would like to support you with all questions regarding credit transfer, application and finding suitable internships. We expressly advise you to read through our FAQs. There you will find answers to all general questions. We will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have by e-mail. Please note that we only reply to e-mails from the Rub e-mail account (Firstname.Surname@rub.de). For more complex questions, we will be happy to arrange a telephone appointment. To do so, please send us a few key points on the matter from your Rub email account.

Master Economic Policy Consulting

Contact person for compulsory internships

Master EPC Contact person for compulsory internships

Dr. Anna Talmann
Room: GD 03/173
Phone: +49 (02 34) 32 – 26969
E-Mail: anna.talmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Website EPC

Master Sales Management

Contact person for compulsory internships

Master Sales Economics Contact person for compulsory internships

Mara Hohmann
Room: GD 02/125
Phone: +49 (02 34) 32 – 25327
E-Mail: mara.hohmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Website SMD


There are numerous digital platforms for internships / jobs that you can find online and that allow you to choose from a large nationwide / international offer. If you have questions about credit for a specific position, please feel free to contact us.

In your internship / working student position, you must be engaged in activities that are relevant to your studies. This means that content that is learned theoretically in lectures must be applied practically.

The guidelines for recognition can be found in the examination regulations and in the module handbook. There are no independent internship regulations.

Yes, if the work-study activity corresponds to an internship in terms of content and time (320 hours).

There is no obligation to register before the start of the internship. However, if you are unsure whether your intended placement is creditable, you should contact us in advance to confirm creditability.

The internship must last 8 weeks or 320 hours and can be completed after the end of the 2nd semester. Whether you complete your internship during the semester break or during the semester is up to you.

No, you can start your internship immediately after the 2nd semester.

No, the internship serves to apply study-relevant content in practice. Therefore, only activities from the end of the 2nd semester onwards can be credited.

For a general certificate, please fill out the form “Allgemeine Bescheinigung”, for a company-specific certificate, please fill out the form “Unternehmensspezifische Bescheinigung” (both see downloads) and send it to wiwi-praktikum(at)ruhr-uni-bochum.de.

No, the same conditions apply to internships completed abroad.

Holidays are not included in the 8-week compulsory internship. However, if your contract extends beyond the required 8 weeks, you may take leave.

If you are studying one of the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor: Management and Economics
  • Master: Sales Economics
  • Master: Economic Policy Consulting 

you will automatically be registered in FlexNow for the compulsory internship. 
As long as you have not yet completed the internship, the Flexnow data sheet will list the corresponding module as „angemeldet (AN)“ and „nicht bestanden (NB)“. The automatic registration serves solely administrative purposes for the later booking of passed performances and does NOT MEAN that you have to complete the internship immediately. Only the regulations for the internship in your degree programme apply according to the examination regulations and the further explanations in the module handbook.



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Internship Office


Dr. Anna Talmann
Head of Communications and Transfer

Room: GD 03/173
Phone: 0234 32-26969
E-Mail: wiwi-praktikum@rub.de
Office hours: currently by appointment only