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Santander “Entrepreneurial Idea Competition”


Win 1,500 euros!

Prof. Dr. Michael Roos, Apl. Prof. Dr. Nicola Werbeck, Dr. Anna Talmann, Dr. Fabian Schmitz, Lea Decker, Nicholas Schmidt

Climate change, the traffic jam on the A43 or simply the smartphone whose battery always runs out at the wrong time? No matter what problem you have always wanted to solve – show us your idea and awaken the entrepreneur in you! 

Whether flyer, poster or idea sketch, there are no limits to your imagination. Send us a powerful presentation of your start-up idea and win 1,500 euros! In addition, you will get the opportunity to show your best in a creative video pitch of 2-3 minutes. Send us an appealing video and use the opportunity to prove that your idea should be funded!

  • 08.09.2021, 11:59 p.m.: Deadline for registration (via wiwi-ideenwettbewerb@rub.de)
  • 10.09.2021, 10:00 a.m.: Kick-off event; start of the “Entrepreneurial Idea Competition
  • 08.10.2021, 10:00 a.m.: Interim meeting; presentation of interim results, clarification of open questions
  • 28.11.2021, 11:59 p.m.: Closing date for competition entries
  • 03.12.2021, afternoon: Award ceremony and prize-giving for up to five best ideas (time to be announced)
  • Binding registration is required for participation in the “Entrepreneurial Idea Competition”.
  • Registration takes place via: wiwi-ideenwettbewerb@rub.de
  • Participants will then have approximately 11 weeks to prepare and submit the following documents for evaluation: 
    • Description/presentation of the start-up idea (flyer/poster/idea sketch – students can choose which form of presentation does justice to their idea). 
    • Video “pitch” on the start-up idea (2 to max. 3 minutes).
  • Closing date for competition entries (also via wiwi-ideenwettbewerb@rub.de) is 28.11.2021, 11:59 p.m.


  • Additional attachments cannot be considered.
  • There are no additional formal criteria.
  • Only competition entries that are submitted in time via the specified medium (via e-mail) within the specified time periods can be considered. 
  • The submitted documents will be evaluated according to the following categories: Innovation content, target group orientation, market and competition, implementation perspective. Particular attention will be paid to the following questions:
    • What is the underlying (societal) problem? / What added value does the idea bring?
    • Is there a need/potential user?
    • Which market/niche is addressed?
    • Who is the target group?
    • To what extent is the target group addressed by the submitted presentation and video?
    • Is the idea realistically feasible?
  • On 3 December 2021, up to five ideas will be awarded prize money of 1,500 euros
  • The prize money is to be used for the further development of the idea. There are no concrete guidelines for the use of the money. 
  • If there are no entries worthy of a prize, the prize will not be awarded.
  • EXIST-funded teams must coordinate with the project management organisation regarding the receipt of the prize money.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition without giving reasons. Participants have no claim to a specific prize.

About the cooperation

For several years, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has been pursuing the promotion of entrepreneurship activities in the university context. In cooperation with the Santander Bank, the Faculty of Economics can make a major contribution to this. This is because, with the help of “Santander Universities”, the faculty is expanding the excellent training as well as the awarding opportunities of scholarships for students throughout the university who are interested in founding a company, in order to improve access to ongoing training programmes and international exchange. Student start-up initiatives are supported in general and in particular through the integration and publication of individual funding projects.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the planned award of scholarships for participation in a two-week workshop at Babson College (USA) in the field of entrepreneurship could not take place so far. Alternatively, however, the Faculty of Business and Economics initiated a series of successful measures and events to support as many students as possible even during the pandemic, to strengthen start-up interest and initiatives in times of contact restrictions and to offer students a (start-up) perspective. The various activities that have already been carried out within the framework of the cooperation can be found here:

Our winning projects from the first round of the competition:


To the project


To the project


To the project
Start of the cooperation
Recruitment of student assistants interested in starting a business.
Entrepreneurship practice
Event for the development of start-up ideas.
Launch of the first Entrepreneurial Start-up Competition
Award for the 3 best start-up ideas of the "Entrepreneurial Start-up Competition"
Award for the 3 best start-up ideas of the "Entrepreneurial Start-up Competition"
Implementation of the "Spring School in Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship"
Launch of the second idea competition
Award for the 6 best start-up ideas of the "Entrepreneurial Idea Competition"
Second round of the „Spring School in Digitisation and Entrepreneurship“
June 2020
October 2020
November 2020
December 2020
Dec. 2020 - Feb. 2021
March 2021
September 2021
December 2021
February 2022

Continuous support by the hired support staff:

  • Development of a fictitious start-up project using the purpose project Lighthof.com as an example
  • Development of the “Spring School in Digitisation and Entrepreneurship” – a credited, digital and start-up-relevant course taking into account the peer learning approach
Dilan Kabacali

"This year's Spring School Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship was a great experience for me. An intensive week with very interesting guest lectures, a lot of important input and insights into the start-up scene. Through the extensive supervision, we managed to create a successful pitch in just one week and make recommendations for action to the start-up we worked with. Through this practical relevance, we were also able to take away important insights for our personal careers. The peer learning lightened up the whole atmosphere in the seminar, as all questions could be discussed openly with the students. Overall, I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to start up or sees themselves in a start-up later on."

Marlon Schulte

"For me, peer learning was a great experience. It was nice to see how students could neglect the inhibitions that exist towards lecturers and how a dialogue could develop so much more easily. It was also much easier for me to gain exciting insights into group dynamics and to take away some new insights myself. That motivates me immensely!"

Moritz Pohl

"Being involved in the design and delivery of a university module allows me as a student to better understand the scope and responsibility behind it and at the same time it is an exciting and enriching experience for all groups involved in the module."

Carina Deing

"So far, I only knew the university modules from the perspective of a student. Through the peer learning concept, I have been able to delve much deeper into the subject matter and have been able to develop my presentation style a good deal through the presentations we gave in preparation for the module as well as in the Spring School itself."

Katharina Werbeck

"The Spring School was very exciting and instructive for me.

In the course of the intensive development of the course and the contents, it was possible for me to gain a well-founded examination of the subject areas. Through peer learning, I was able to interact with the participants on a very collegial level, so that vivid results could be generated."

Chander Lal

"They were intensive days with a great increase in knowledge. The Spring School offered a great opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. The participants learned a lot about entrepreneurship in a short time and were able to work in small groups on projects of the participating practice partners. The joint exchange with the students on the different topics was great fun."


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