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April 5, 2024
New article published on the relationships between technology innovation systems (TIS) and neighboring TIS from a value chain perspective

The article by Lora Tsvetanova, Dr. Michael Rennings and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring, published in the journal Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, explores the dynamics between a focal Technological Innovation System (TIS), its neighboring TISs, and various sectors within a value chain framework. Through the analysis of patent allocations within second generation biorefinery technologies, it identifies differing patterns of knowledge generation across sectors within the focal TIS, highlighting the contributions of multiple sectors along the TIS value chain. Additionally, it categorizes TIS actors into four types based on their approaches to developing new knowledge within the focal TIS, including those from existing sectors directly entering the TIS, diversifying actors engaging with both the focal and adjacent TISs, actors dedicated to innovation niches, and those emerging solely within the focal TIS.

The article is available here.