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August 9, 2021
Categories: Interview, Santander Projects

Alex Babicz

Founder and experience creator at the Funkentruhe

With interactive experience boxes and ideas, we help parents of elementary school children bond better with their child, enjoy precious family time, and create memories for the ages.

How did you use the money you won?

I used the prize money primarily for performance marketing (i.e. specifically Facebook Ads) as well as consulting services and design assignments. This laid important foundations and led to the first branding successes.

How did you come up with your start-up idea?

The idea for the Funkentruhe came about while reading together with young schoolchildren from Bochum in an honorary capacity. Every week, I read a children's newspaper with young people and experienced a great deal of appreciation. I also wanted to support parents and other caregivers in this experience, and so I created the interactive experience box for more family time together.

How has your idea / team developed since the competition?

I have gained many new experiences, learned a few things, expanded my own network and worked on the product. The website and the webshop are already created and the marketing is running.