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Introduction to the course of studies "Management & Economics - Wirtschaftswissenschaft"
The course “Einführung in den Studiengang Management & Economics - Wirtschaftswissenschaft" is intended to make it easier for first-year students to start studying economics. In this event, you will receive important information about the faculty and its facilities as well as explanations of the curriculum, study structure and planning of the examinations. Additionally, you will be introduced and become acquainted with the sub-areas of economics by using a case study. The lecture should help you to overview the course of studies. In an introduction to the technique of scientific work, you will receive information on the various types of courses, studying literature and writing academic texts.

The course "Einführung in den Studiengang Management & Economics - Wirtschaftswissenschaft" is aimed at first-semester students of “Management & Economics”, as well as the double Bachelor's degree courses with “BWL” or “VWL”. 


First, you are welcomed by the most important authorities of the Faculty of Economics (deanery, examination office, student council, etc.). After that, the basic connections of the study of economics are explained with the help of a case study.


In addition, you will receive significant guidance about scientific work and we offer you help in planning your personal studying schedule. 


You can download the necessary documents and all other relevant information in Moodle: Course name "Einführung in den Studiengang Management & Economics - Wirtschaftswissenschaft (070000)". You can access the moodle course with the data that you have already received from the RUB (login ID and password).


The password for the Moodle course is distributed via the password-distributor of the student council initiative or by sending an email to rewe@rub.de.

Information material (PDF Download):

Einführung in das eLearning an der RUB
Einführung in wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

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