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Crediting of work performed abroad


Credit for work done abroad can be awarded for the specially designed modules "(Advanced) Management and Application I-VI" with 5 ECTS each. Crediting for other courses of our department is not possible. Please contact us before you start your stay abroad, so that we can clarify whether a crediting of your desired subject is possible.

After successful completion of your stay abroad, please make an appointment by e-mail (hrm@rub.de) for the crediting. Please bring the form for the recognition of examination achievements available on the website of the examination office and your transcript of records from the foreign university to this appointment.


Recognition of achievements in case of change of university

If you have changed from another university to the Ruhr-Universität, it is necessary to check in individual cases whether achievements can be credited. In this regard, please contact the advisor of the Dean of Studies.


Crediting of Bachelor Modules in the Master Program "Management" M.Sc.

With the coming into force of the new examination regulations for the Master's program "Management", up to 20 ECTS credits can be acquired by taking modules of the Bachelor's program "Management and Economics" of the Faculty of Business and Economics, according to §5 para. 3. The taking of a Bachelor's module is excluded if the Master's student has already completed this Bachelor's module within the scope of his/her own Bachelor's program.


The Chair of Human Resource Management offers students of the master's program "Management" the possibility to take the bachelor's module "Personnel Economics [Personalökonomik I]" (10 ECTS) of the bachelor's program. Since this module or a module with largely congruent content must not have been completed at other universities, students must submit their Bachelor's degree certificate, including Transcript of Records, before taking "Personnel Economics [Personalökonomik I]".


The presentation of the mentioned documents in connection with a photo ID is done in the office of the Chair of Human Resource Management, room GD 02/329 or by mail to hrm@rub.de. After the examination by the chair, students may receive a written confirmation that they are allowed to take the bachelor module "Personnel Economics [Personalökonomik I]". This confirmation is to be kept until the completion of the examination. The confirmation is made on the adjacent form.