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March 7, 2024
New publication published in the journal Research Policy on profiting from innovation in emerging business ecosystems

In the article “Profiting from innovation when digital business ecosystems emerge: A control point perspective”, Dr. Michael Rennings and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring from the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models, together with their co-authors, examine the effects of digital change on industrial sectors. They focus on changes in product and industry architectures within emerging digital business ecosystems. Thereby, they highlight the shift from traditional modular designs to layered modular architectures, emphasizing the importance of control points in determining value creation and capture. Through a case study of the smart farming digital business ecosystem, the authors identify strategic, technical, and generic control points, as well as institutional boundaries, and propose a dynamic framework to analyze the interplay between actors in digital business ecosystems, offering insights for firms and policymakers.

The publication is open access here.