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Forms & Information

Of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Management and Economics

General Information

informal letter to wiwi-dekanat@rub.de with the following contents

  • Name of the lecturer
  • Justification
  • Paid or unsalaried
  • Travel expenses, if applicable
  • SWS specification
  • Course title

Submission in compliance with meeting dates (2 weeks’ notice)

  • every application must go through the dean’s office
  • please observe the deadlines/lead times of Department 3
  • Link to form/service pages of Dept. 3
  • Applications will not be processed by the Dean’s Office until a suitable financing overview has been submitted.
  • Please note the processing time of the Dean’s Office (3-4 working days)
  • always use the most up-to-date forms for semester planning

  • Dean’s office must be informed outside the lecture period
  • within the lecture period, the dean must be informed
  • Dean’s office must be informed of both
  • Dean’s office fills out forms
  • done by the chairs themselves through the Rebecca system, except for renaming the transponder, ordering a new transponder and coding public rooms (tea kitchens, mail room, etc.)


  • masks and tests are only issued by prior registration by e-mail to wiwi-dekanat@rub.de – no registration by telephone!
  • The lead time for the provision of tests and masks is 2 days
  • Application via the dean’s office with the following information:
    • Name, first name
    • Address
    • Chair
    • Reason
    • Time and day
  • for a long-term application (several weeks) please submit a completed PEK
  • Processing time for passes is 2-3 working days (no short-term application!)


Forms & Information


Kimberly Welsing
Administrative Assistant/Head of the Secretariat
Room: GD E-03/223
Phone: +49 234 32-21812
E-Mail: wiwi-dekanat@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

Vanessa Grän
Administrative Assistant
Room: GD E03-223
Phone: +49 234 32-19638
E-Mail: vanessa.graen@rub.de