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Technology Entrepreneurship (MSc)

Do we need a crisis to make the technology happen? Are there tools or methods that can be used to find the perfect market fit for new technologies? What makes it so difficult to turn great ideas into reality?

In the constantly evolving technology landscape, building a business model around a complex technological system requires a strategic combination of concepts. The Technology Entrepreneurship module applies selected technology and innovation management methods to real technology-based inventions, innovations and case studies. In the form of video seminars, participants learn the basics of technology entrepreneurship and innovation management, the transfer of technology-based ideas into innovative business models, and the application of technology planning and technology assessment methods.

In the first part, Fundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship, the student will find the 4 introductory videos with key terms, definitions, types, concepts and the relationship to strategic management. This introductory part is followed by understanding trends and customer needs, with videos introducing forecasting methods such as trend analysis, Pestel analysis and customer journey maps. After these initial tools, the student is given information for the first assignment. This session gives all the instructions needed to complete and upload the assignment to Moodle. In the next part, the student will find 4 videos on understanding technology development, such as technology strategy, technology systems, using patent information and technology evaluation.  The last part is about understanding business model design, where the student learns about tools such as technology product market matching, the business model canvas and the value proposition canvas. Finally, instructions are given on how to prepare for and the rules of the oral examination.


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