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Public Services
The students shall be able to differentiate problems of the public utility regarding their economic and legal relevance and to assign these to relevant legal regulations. Therefore, they shall be taught the interpretation and application of the relevant legal norms and how to apply these norms on concrete legal cases. In this respect, relevant case law must always be consulted and, if necessary, critically evaluated. Therefore, the focus shall be to apply abstract legal rules to concrete issues to develop legal solutions. On the other hand, especially having in mind the highly dynamic changes of public utility and public infrastructure (e.g. caused by liberalization, privatization or regulation) legal regulations must be critically scrutinized in terms of accuracy and coherence. Recommendations for legal policy action or improvement shall be discussed as well. The students will be given an impression of which aspects of the public utility are currently problematic or relevant to practice. Overall, they will receive a solid overview and in-depth knowledge of the general structure of the law of public utility as well as the systematics and the different regulatory levels between international, European and national law.

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