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International and German Law of Economics II
Participants should be able to differentiate between typical and current problems from the economic life and to be able to assign them to the relevant legal regulations. For this purpose, they will be instructed in the interpretation and application of relevant labor and tradeband in the subsumption of concrete case constellations in the same way. In this respect, relevant case law must always be consulted and, if necessary, critically evaluated. The main focus is thus on applying abstract legal regulations to concrete life situations. On the other hand, especially in the course of dynamic changes in human resources management and in the commercial economy, legal regulations must be critically scrutinized with regard to their accuracy and coherence, and legal policy recommendations for action and improvement must also be considered. Also, recommendations for action and improvements with regard to legal policy are to be made. Overall, the students will gain an overview and in-depth knowledge of particularly neuralgic aspects of the law of human resources management and trade law.

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