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February 3, 2022
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Chief Innovation Manager II

The “Chief Innovation Manager” certificate with a focus on innovation management – an important step for your professional success

The certificate course is aimed at innovation managers and prospective executives, who are
responsible for the development and implementation of product and process innovations. In addition, to managers and senior staff in the areas of R&D, product development and
-planning, project and innovation management, product management, company suggestion management
and business development, to members of the executive board who want to get to know or reflect the potential of innovation management
for your company and make better use of it. The modular, part-time continuing education programme for founders and innovators offers
the opportunity to pursue their founding idea and at the same time acquire the necessary skills
to be acquired for the next start-up phase.

The certificate course consists of six modules and a practical project.

Further information can be found in this flyer or on the homepage.