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Strategic Technology and Innovation Management (MSc)
The focus of this course relates to the ability of organizations to innovate, including the tools, frameworks, processes, strategies, and structures that are relevant. Thus, this course will provide a detailed overview of strategic technology and innovation management tools, explore how these tools help to support and design the management of innovative projects and organizations, assist in the creation of an innovation-oriented and innovation-supporting environment, and facilitate the development and evaluation of appropriate strategies for the implementation of new product and technology development processes. Discussion of how to appropriately utilize tools for the development and implementation of strategic technology and innovation concepts in the context of specific industries receives specific emphasis, by means of case-study discussions, in-class assignments, and guest lectures.

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch






CEIT Seminarraum (1. Etage) O-Werk, Suttner-Nobel-Allee 4

Weitere Termine

Gastvortrag Amelie Leipprand (DIN Institute, DIN Young Professionals)
25. Mai 2023
Gastvortrag Reza Ghahary (Evonik Industries AG)
15. Juni 2023
Gastvortrag Flavius Sturm (Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (INT))
27. April 2023
Introduction Strategic Technology and Innovation Management
6. April 2023