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Module "Market and Non-Market Valuation of Environmental Goods" (075 016)
Block Seminar for students in the Master's program

The valuation of environmental goods and amenities is often complicated by the lack of market prices. This seminar will deal with distinct empirical methods to estimate the value of environmental goods and amenities. Methods to be covered include both market and non-market valuation methods, such as hedonic pricing, contingent valuation and revealed preference methods to elicit willingness-to-pay.

For further information on the seminar, please refer to these documents:

  • list of topics for the seminar
  • requirements for the seminar
  • evaluation criteria

The virtual introductory seminar will take place on October 27, 2023 from 10 to 12 am..
A link to the virtual meeting room will be sent to all students who register via Email (see below).


This course is for master students only and requires solid prior knowledge of economic theory and empirical methods. RUB students should have attended the lecture "Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung/ Empirical Economic Research".


Infomaterial (PDF Download):

Requirements for the seminar
List of topics for the seminar
Evaluation criteria for the seminar


We ask you to send an email to Viola Helmers by October 20, 2023 to register. After that you will get further information about the course and the introductory seminar.

After the introductory session, each student will send in their preferences regarding the paper they would like to discuss and present, we will assign the papers accordingly. The participants are expected to summarize and critically review its content and comment on the scientific context and related literature in a written elaboration.

Students from universities associated with Universitätsallianz Ruhr may be eligible to participate in our seminars. Please follow the information provided by the examinations office (prior registration with the examinations office is necessary).


Block Seminar


075 016




RWI, Essen
Block Seminar "Market and Non-Market Valuation of Environmental Goods"
25. Januar 2024
10:00 Uhr

16:00 Uhr

Students have to participate in an Introductory Course for this block seminar on October 27nd, 2023.