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Exploratory Methods in Entrepreneurship Research (MSc)
This course introduces various qualitative and quantitative research methods which are particularly relevant for entrepreneurship and management research, whether in an academic or corporate setting. Some examples of such methods are comprehensive literature review, expert interviews, expert surveys, qualitative content analysis, quantitative data analysis, group concept mapping, and choice modelling. In this way, the course is set up to introduce and facilitate the application of these exploratory research methods for different units of analysis, such as individuals (e.g., entrepreneurs and managers), actors (e.g., start-ups, established companies and research institutions), or the entire ecosystems. Where applicable, students will become acquainted with relevant software and databases to apply the methods to their own research in the field of entrepreneurship.






CEIT Seminar Room (1st Floor) O-Werk Suttner-Nobel-Allee 4 (Opelring 1)

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