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10. Mai 2022

Neue Publikation zu "Conceptualizing smart-circular product-service ecosystems for the photovoltaic power industry"

Verena Aufderheide, Laura Montag und Prof. Dr. Marion Steven haben kürzlich einen Artikel – “Conceptualizing smart-circular product-service ecosystems for the photovoltaic power industry“– im Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems veröffentlicht.

Abstract: The photovoltaic (PV) power industry plays a decisive role in the transition towards renewable energies due to solar energy’s availability, abundancy, and inexhaustibility. However, technological, financial, and environmental barriers hinder the widespread installation of building-attached PV panels. In particular, the end-of-life management of PV panels poses as a major sustainability challenge and calls for the integration of efficient resource returns. Within service-based business models, some of these barriers are removed: the provider remains the owner of the PV panels and is responsible for managing generation, service, and end-of-life activities. This chapter explores the value creation opportunities of product-service systems for the PV power industry from an ecosystem perspective. Thus, the innovative business model of smart-circular product-service ecosystems for PV panels is introduced and analyzed. Specifically, it is investigated how a digital business ecosystem should be characterized in terms of actors, roles, and value contribution to successfully implement smart-circular product-services.

Aufderheide, V. L., Montag, L., Steven, M.: Conceptualizing smart-circular product-service ecosystems for the photovoltaic power industry, in: Baumann, S. (Hrsg.), Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham 2022, S. 475-491