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Seminar on Health Economics and Health Policy

Class size: Maximum 20 students
Credit points: 5 ECTS (master)
Language: English

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Wübker


Course Description:

The German population is projected to contract by more than 10% by 2050. This makes Germany relatively unique among larger EU countries, which are forecast to face less dramatic decline (Italy) or even grow slightly (France, Spain, UK) over the same period (UN, 2012). While the German population will decline overall, the number of elderly people will continue to grow as the population ages. An increasing old-age dependency ratio creates enormous challenges for health insurance, health care and long-term care (LTC) in Germany. Moreover, the changing size and composition of the population is not affecting all parts of Germany in a uniform way: this process is known as geo-demographic change. Some regions are thus facing particular challenges due to a rapidly ageing population and dwindling human resources in the care sector.


In this seminar students will prepare a term paper based on selected challenges imposed by population aging and the geo-demographic change. The topics will cover both empirical and theoretical contributions. Students will thus have the possibility to acquire the necessary knowledge and methodological skills for the successful completion of a master thesis in health economics and related fields. Students will prepare their seminar papers in the first half of the semester and present their papers in the second half of the semester. Further course details will be given at the introductory meeting.

For further information, see the Infomaterial provided below.


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The kick-off meeting will take place on October 20 via Zoom.
For the zoom link please see the Infomaterial. 

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If possible, at RWI, otherwise via Zoom
Kick-off meeting
20. Oktober 2023
11:00 Uhr

12:00 Uhr

Kickoff-Meeting is via Zoom. The link is provided in the infomaterial.

12. January 2024
09:00 Uhr

17:00 Uhr
If possible, at RWI, otherwise via Zoom.