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3. August 2022

ICAE 2022: Focus on inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives of the energy transition

The Research Department Closed Carbon Cycle Economy (RD CCCE) invites you to the 14th ICAE at the Ruhr University Bochum. The event will take place from August 8th to 12th 2022 in hybrid formats (on site and parallel to it virtually). The topics covered range from specific technical and scientific aspects of innovative renewable and fossil energy generation to energy storage, intelligent systems, energy management and politics to the relevant legal framework and the energetic aspects of urban transformation.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to Wednesday, 10th and Friday, 12th of August 2022. On Wednesday, the focus will be on inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives of the energy transition. Among others, Mr. Roos, Mr. Steigleder, Mr. Löschel and Mr. Kamlage will speak on this topic.

On Friday, an excursion will take place concerning the transformation of the Industrial Ruhr Area. The bus excursion will lead to places that can be considered examples for this ongoing transformation process. 1st stop will be a guided tour around the Duisburg harbor. At the 2nd stop we will visit the Fraunhofer IEG where we will get to see the pilot plant for high temperature mine thermal energy storage (HT-MTES). The 3rd stop will be an apartment house in a city district of Bochum which was converted according to the so-called “Energiesprong” concept.
Updates on the final excursion program will be given at the registration on site. If you want to participate in excursions (the trip to the fun fair in Crange can be booked in addition to any of the three other excursions), please send a request by email to excursions@icae.org – this way we get an idea on how many participants we have to expect for the different excursions.

Take a look about the programme for Wednesday, 10th August: ICAE Programme Wednesday 10th August – Applied Energy System Transformation

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