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junior professorship macroeconomics

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The junior professorship in macroeconomics deals with topics in international foreign trade. We are particularly interested in understanding how different actors act in a globalised world and how their behaviour impacts local levels. For example, we analyse the challenges firms face in the internationalisation process, how they organise their supply chains and how high direct and indirect trade costs are. We are also interested in the incentives created by international taxation or regulation. We also work on the health consequences of migration and the resulting consequences for the labour market integration of migrants.


The junior professorship currently consists of the junior professor, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sanne Kruse-Becher, and an assistant, Ms. Afra Otto. Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sanne Kruse-Becher is also a member of the research training group "Regional Disparities and Economic Policy", where questions of regional inequality are researched from different perspectives by doctoral students UA Ruhr.
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sanne Kruse-Becher
Kevin Berlet
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Benedict Kreuels
Research assistant
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sanne Kruse-Becher
Junior Professor


The Junior Professorship in Macroeconomics mainly teaches in the area of foreign trade, where foundations for a theoretical understanding of trade flows are laid at Bachelor's and Master's level. In addition, the junior professorship offers advanced seminars on current topics at irregular frequencies. In these seminars, it is desired, but not required, that students work empirically.


The junior professorship conducts research on three topics: international trade and trade barriers, migration and (mental) health, and international tax avoidance. Methodologically, microeconometric methods are combined with machine learning approaches. A particular interest is in identifying causal effects.

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RTG Workshop on Ports, Cities, and Borders in International Trade
May 11, 2022
junior professorship macroeconomics

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